Best WhatsApp Call Recorder to Record WhatsApp Calls on Android and iPhone

Looking for the Best WhatsApp Call Recorder? You are at the right place. I am going to provide you the best apps/ways using which you can backup your whatsapp calls for future references. [Read more…]

How to Restore Jailbroken iOS 10 Using OSRestoreX and OSRestoreXTerm

OSRestoreX is an on-device alternative to semi-restore for iOS 10. This is one of the best apps to restore your iPhone to a clean state in few simple steps. Nathanaccidentally is the developer and few other guys joined their hands to develop the app together. It works by using the Coolstars Stashing method by moving all tweaks installed, to /var/db/stash (user storage). Moreover, It can remove all your tweaks and user data in one click. Do not panic, all the tweaks and user data will be stashing or moved to a static location on the device. [Read more…]

Hide or Minimize iOS Usage Bar UsageBarX Cydia Tweak on iOS 10 (iPhone/iPad)

iOS devices will display a big blue bar on the top of the screen whenever you use google maps or personal hotspot. That blue bar is known as iOS usage bar and it will hide the contents of the screen up to some extent. Or at least, it will push down the apps and reduces the active screen size of the iDevice. iOS usage bar is indicating that the services on your iPhone or iPad using your current location while google maps or personal hotspot is active. Of course, You can access the particular app by tapping on the blue bar. [Read more…]

Here’s How to Fix Apple Watch Overheating Issue in Less Than 2 Minutes

I am a huge fan of my Apple Watch irrespective of the overheating issue. Heating will be fine up to some extent and it should not go up and up as it will ruin the performance of the Apple Watch. Of course, it is neither a laptop nor a smartphone and the design is compact as well. The compact design of the iWatch will pressure up the device. That might be one of the reasons for apple watch getting hot while charging/wearing. There are different phases in the issue, they are while Charging, and Wearing. [Read more…]

Install Mojo Installer on iOS 11, iOS 10 Without Jailbreak (Updated)

Installing jailbreak apps on iPhone without jailbreaking become super easy with Mojo Installer iOS 11 app. We can say that the Mojo App is a better alternative to Cydia. But the only different between both of them is “User Repositories“. [Read more…]